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IP legal services

Developing your IPR strategy

Working together, we can create an IP strategy that is just right for your company.

From helping you understand the IP landscape in your industry, to creating internal processes for recognising and managing your IP, setting forth desired contractual principles, to choosing your enforcement strategies, we can assist you on each step of your way.

Together with our global network offices, we can offer you assistance without any hand overs to third party service providers. You can always work with the people you know and we will manage the international work for you.

Document portfolio

We can provide you with a full range of IP related documentation such as contracts on a case by case basis, or even a full portfolio of documents that cover all areas of your IP needs.

We will work together with you, so the documents meet your actual and specific needs.

Support in your everyday business needs

We can support you in all your contract negotiations around IP. Regardless of whether you are negotiating a license to supply your own IP or are in the process of agreeing a license to use a partner’s IP, we are here to help.

Sometimes the whole deal revolves around IP and sometimes IP is just a part of the bigger picture. In any case, you can rely on our experts to provide you proactive professional support to help you reach agreement with your partner.

IP transfers

Should you be considering a transfer of an IP asset either as a buyer or seller, we are here to assist you.

The value of IP means that any contract for its transfer has to be carefully negotiated and drafted to make sure that the interests of parties are correctly addressed.

Regardless of whether the transfer would part of a larger transaction or a specific contract only for IP, our advisors have the expertise to help you.


Technology legal services

Technology sourcing

We can assist you in all your legal needs with respect to sourcing technology. From helping you understand your alternatives, creating an RFP, vetting suppliers, all the way through to successful contract signing, we are your trusted advisor.

Our support covers all areas of the contract negotiation process from the main agreement to its appendices such as service levels, pricing, support and maintenance, and data privacy.

Regardless of whether your needs concern a one-off contract or a major outsourcing arrangement, we are here to help you.

Technology sales

We can assist you in each phase of your sales and marketing activities, from related IP questions, to assisting you in successfully negotiating your contracts for the provision of your technology to your customers.

Again, regardless of the size of the deal or the nature of the transaction, we are here to assist you, and have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

Legal interpretation

Sometimes a party’s position under a contract or law is not always clear and it is necessary to review relevant documentation or legislation to gain a better understanding of what the relevant rights and obligations are.

We can assist you in better understanding what your rights and obligations are under your agreements or law, and with our international network, even if you would face questions concerning other jurisdictions, we can help you.

M&A related support

Even if a merger, acquisition, or similar transaction is not specifically about technology, there is no escaping that it will almost always have an element of technology involved.

Be it systems, software, hardware, data, licenses, or support and maintenance, these often are part of the deal. Negotiating such areas of the transaction requires expertise in the field of technology and IP, and we are perfectly positioned to assist you in reaching the desired outcome.


Other business legal services

We can offer you a full range of legal services related to data privacy. Regardless of whether your needs would be to perfect your administrative operations, ensure your compliance, or negotiate contracts, we are here to assist you meet your targets.

Data privacy

Present state analysis

The objectives of the present state analysis are to assist you in understanding the maturity of your current practises and documentation, identify the foundations for your data processing activities, your compliance with legislation, as well as to help you identify possible areas of development.  

The scope of the present state analysis is always agreed with you to ensure that it meets your specific needs and can, for example, contain the following service elements:

  • Helping you understand your present situation and role(s) you may have with respect to processing personal data
  • Identifying if and how you are processing personal data
  • Evaluating the grounds, based on which you may already being processing personal data
  • Evaluating if you have lawful reasons for processing personal data
  • Identifying and evaluating your processes, tools, and methods for processing personal data
  • Evaluating possible the risks you may incur with your present policies and practises
  • Identifying possible international aspects of your data processing practises
  • Helping you identify areas of development
  • Providing a roadmap to move forward

Document creation

The objectives of the document creation services are to ensure that your business has the necessary written policies, processes, and other documentation available and in use as necessary to comply with applicable law.

The scope of the documentation to be created is always agreed with you, and can contain, for example, following service elements:

  • Creating the necessary documentation you need in order to process personal data in compliance with applicable legislation. These include (as relevant) privacy policies, technical and organisational descriptions, instruction templates, and data processing agreement templates
  • Review of your existing documentation to evaluate its compliance with applicable legislation
  • Identifying possible gaps in your existing documentation
  • Updating existing documentation to make it compliant with applicable legislation, as well as creating documentation that may still be missing

Data processing agreements

Agreements for processing personal data are a critical part of data privacy. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that the agreements are drafted with the necessary expertise so that the parties’ roles and responsibilities are properly addressed. We can help you be contractually compliant with applicable laws and be protected in your processing of personal data. If you are a data controller engaging another party to process personal data you have collected or a data processor that has been engaged to process personal data of a data controller, you need to ensure that your interests are contractually properly considered. 

Services relating to data processing agreements can, for example, contain the following service elements:

  • Ascertaining your contractual status
  • Identifying your needs for contractual instruments
  • Reviewing your contract templates, identifying possible risks, and updating the documentation as needed to comply with applicable legislation
  • Creating necessary contractual instruments that you need in your day-to-day business
  • Providing interpretation of proposed or existing data processing agreements
  • Supporting you in your negotiations with your business partners with respect to processing personal data and data processing agreements
  • Supporting you in resolving possible conflicts with your contractual partners

Operational support

Sometimes the assistance that you require may be difficult to narrow down into a single clearly defined project. For this reason, we can also assist you in your day-to-day operations. The objectives of this type of operational support are to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your support needs when faced with questions about your personal data processing activities.

Operational support services include, for example:

  • Assisting you in implementing privacy by design
  • Assisting you in conducting privacy impact assessments
  • Supporting you in relation to requests or demands by data subjects
  • Supporting you in relation to requests by data protection authorities

Other support services

In addition, we can offer you a wide range of other support services in relation to data privacy. These support services include, for example:

  • Supporting your Data Privacy Officer
    • We can provide a wide range of assistance to your Data Privacy Officer such as scoping roles and responsibilities, interaction on specific questions or cases, and providing legal interpretation on issues relating to data privacy.
  • Training services
    • We can provide a wide range of training services to your senior management responsible for your data privacy strategy, processes, and tools, as well as operational levels of your organisation tasked with day-to-day responsibilities.
    • Trainings can be tailored to your needs and held as online, classroom, or one-to-one sessions.
  • Reporting services
    • We are able to assist and advise on your reporting practises to senior management to help indicate what is necessary and important

Other commercial legal issues

  • Customer care
  • Consumer protection
  • Business continuity and safety
  • Manufacturing and supply chain
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