Inclusion and diversity

Our goal at PwC is to continuously build a culture where everyone feels respected, appreciated and included as a whole person.

At PwC, we are focused on fostering a culture where everyone can feel respected, appreciated and included as a whole person.

Our inclusive work community brings together diverse skills, experiences and perspectives to help build trust and deliver sustained outcomes for our clients and society. Our culture of inclusion and belonging plays a key role in our ambition to be the employer of choice for talents.

We continue to build a culture of inclusion, equity, belonging and transparency.

We make decisions that help us move towards an increasingly diverse work community. Everyone in our work community has a key role to play in this and we keep developing the human skills that enable us to value diversity and think, act and lead inclusively. 

The New Equation strategy

How do we define diversity and inclusion? 

Diversity is about all the ways people differ from each other. It is about having a workplace that brings together the perspectives of individuals of all backgrounds, identities, life experiences, preferences, beliefs and workstyles. Diversity is about each of us.

Inclusion is about valuing diversity. It is about having a working environment where people can be themselves, sharing their opinions while knowing their contributions matter, and reaching their full potential despite their differences. Inclusion is about all of us.

What do we measure and what is our goal?

We have identified metrics relevant to our long-term targets around inclusion and diversity at the workplace.

We use the Inclusion Index to measure our employees' experience of inclusion at the workplace. This index is part of our annual staff survey. In addition, we monitor the completion percentage of the comprehensive learning path, Inclusive Mindset, we offer to our staff.

We strongly believe in the importance of education and knowledge sharing in building an inclusive work community. All of our employees are offered the opportunity to complete an Inclusive Mindset learning path, which focuses on developing inclusive working skills. We actively monitor how many of our employees have completed the training.

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity

We are a community of solvers with the aim of  building trust in society and solving important problems by bringing together different perspectives, skills and ideas. In terms of age diversity and gender balance (data currently available only of men and women), we are in a relatively good place. However, we recognise that this is just the start and are committed to achieving the full scale of diversity in our organisation.


Achieving gender balance at all levels of our organisation  is one of our focus areas. We are aware that there is more work to do around this matter. We are working systematically to ensure that at PwC, anyone can proceed to partner and leadership roles, despite their gender.

female 23 and male 77 partners percentage

"With the Inclusion First action plan, we promote the inclusiveness and diversity of our work community in a long-term and goal-oriented manner. In addition to this, development requires each of us to do small, everyday actions every single day. Our diverse teams succeed in creating sustainable solutions to significant problems and build trust in society."

Niina VilskeInclusion & Diversity Leader, PwC Finland

What does inclusion and diversity mean to us?

For our people, both new joiners and existing employees, an inclusive and diverse work community means that you can be  yourself at work, share your ideas and thoughts in a psychologically safe environment and trust that everybody acts according to our values and code of conduct. Building an inclusive work community is a joint effort. To support that and raise awareness of inclusion and diversity, we all have the opportunity to take a learning path called Inclusive Mindset.

For our clients, diverse and inclusive teams bring the best possible solutions. We believe that diverse and psychologically safe teams are able to work in new and innovative ways, performing better overall and delivering the best outcomes to our clients’ challenges. 

Ihmiset rivissä

Partnering with Helsinki Pride

PwC Finland is a proud partner of Helsinki Pride 2023. Helsinki Pride is Finland's biggest cultural and human rights event of the year.

The partnership indicates our commitment to keep building an increasingly inclusive and equal work culture.

Pride 2023
Mikko Nieminen

Striving for diverse and inclusive work community

This implementation of the Inclusion First action plan began in autumn 2022. The plan strives to strengthen our commitment to building an inclusive work community.

For the staff to be able to take part in strengthening an inclusive work community, we have also estanblished an Inclusion Team.

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