Business and IT transformation

Market disruptions and increasing control continue to increase management focus on quality designed, properly executed and well-timed technology. Therefore, spendings should be aligned to organisational priorities to minimise potential downside risk and maximise measurable technology investment returns.

We are uniquely positioned to help you ensure your projects are professionally managed and executed. We do this by leveraging our global experience in project and program management, capabilities spanning multiple industries, and technological and business expertise. We help you to make sure that you are provided with an independent holistic and detailed view of project progress, potential risks, and required success factors.

We provide you with the ability to deliver the right project at the right time while closing down those that no longer add value. We as your trusted independent advisor can help to organise, assess, and help deliver your projects to achieve your project and business objectives.

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Digital transformation

As competitive and consumer demands continue to evolve, digitization offers real opportunities for faster growth and greater productivity. But to be successful, companies must make digital investments wisely, be clear about their goals, and carefully manage change among employees. 

Agile project delivery can benefit your digital transformation by helping to build the right capabilities and realise the benefits of a project that is modelled around continuous improvement and organisational growth and evolution. We can help you with your agile journey from understanding and aspirations to blueprints, pilots, operations, deployments, scaling and continuous improvement. 

We set clear outcomes and specific performance metrics to help you build the right digital strategies, to drive results that redefine the future. We provide strategic advice from the design phase onward, to help digital rollouts stay on or get ahead of plan and budget. But successful transformations should do more than achieve the end state – they must build both a transformation capability and organisational agility.

Journey to cloud

Cloud is the driving force powering digital transformation today increasing the speed of development while decreasing operational costs. But harnessing the cloud in all its forms — on-demand software applications, data and infrastructure services, smart development environments and new innovations like machine learning — can be an overwhelming value proposition.

We start with the business outcome you’re after — then help you get there more quickly, with our software accelerators, industry know-how and robust cloud engineering capabilities. We offer our cloud transformation integrated solution, including:

  • Strategy and transformation
  • Cloud-powered innovations
  • Modernization and migration
  • Operating model and workforce
  • Cloud compliance and security
  • Cloud managed services

IT programme and project management

Every IT project is unique and the nature and priorities vary in every project. Therefore, there is not one right project management solution that applies every time. We specify your exact needs and help you to establish capabilities required so successfully deliver:

  • Clear scope
  • Engaged stakeholders
  • Governance-enabling decision making
  • Focused benefits management
  • Managed risk and opportunities
  • Smart financing
  • Delivery-enabling plans
  • Active quality management
  • Agile change control
  • Integrated suppliers
  • High-performing teams
  • Embedded lifecycle assurance and learning

Technology and solution selection

We provide software recommendation and implementation methodology to support clients in selecting and implementing enterprise software packages. We have established practices focused on the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP.

Modern businesses need to be:

  • Using agile architectures - to adapt quickly 
  • Looking at the cloud - to reduce costs and increase performance
  • Looking for emerging technologies - to stay ahead in the competition
  • Embracing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) - to look for new business opportunities
  • Plugged into the broader ecosystem - to leverage economies of scale and enhance operations through service integration
  • Understand the implications of the technology across the entire business 

Allowing any corporate function to master the conversation around technology strategy will result in a solution that favours their goals. By bringing together specialists across a number of disciplines we create a business-led strategy that will enable business objectives to realise in the long-term.

Vendor selection and management

Very few companies have all the needed IT expertise inhouse to run all their operations. Therefore, external parties and vendors are needed who can support your business. We provide end to end vendor selection services, including service scope definition, tender process management and selection of best supplier. When the number of vendors increases, it is important to think about vendor management so that your business can run smoothly. We can help you and your vendors to successfully deliver by:

  • Advising on key vendor management and monitoring activities
  • Performing a gate review on vendor deliverables at each project phase
  • Providing project management expertise in either a lead or support role to monitor vendor implementation
  • Advising and providing commentary concerning vendor contracts

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