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Corporate responsibility

Responsible business requires leadership that is more goal-oriented than before, as well as the anticipation and utilisation of new opportunities when drafting the business strategy.

In practice this means integrating corporate responsibility into the company’s strategy and product development processes, management systems, and other existing functions.

Corporate responsibility strategy

  • Responsibility related valuations
  • Identifying and managing corporate responsibility matters and effects of business operations in the value chain (Total Impact Measurement and Management)
  • Climate strategy
  • Responsibility strategy
  • Responsibility program, goals and indicators
  • Corporate responsibility materiality assessments

Implementing the CR strategy and managing corporate responsibility 

  • Responsibility training and coaching
  • Resource wisdom and circular economy (energy, water, use of materials)
  • Developing and auditing delivery chain responsibility
  • Business administration practices and ethics

Corporate responsibility reporting and communication

  • Verifying corporate responsibility information
  • Responsibility reporting and content development (e.g. GRI)
  • Integrated reporting
  • Responsibility communication
  • Support and development of responsibility index reporting (e.g. CDP, DJSI, FFD)
  • ESG matters in investor communications

Changes in business environment

  • Identifying and analysing weak signals and trends
  • Stakeholder analyses, interviews, and workshops
  • Benchmarks
  • Identifying and analysing risks and opportunities
  • ESG matters in the investment process

Climate risk mapping and risk assessment

  • Identifying emissions in the value chain (e.g. scope 3 value chain)
  • CO2 reporting and verification (emissions calculation and carbon footprint)

Responsibility as a part of other services

  • Auditing support
  • Internal inspection
  • Corporate acquisitions

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