Wealthy individual

We help wealthy individuals, families, relatives, and communities with wealth planning.

Effective wealth management

Our experienced specialists will examine your ownership and advise how it would be possible to structure it both on an administrative and tax-related level - so it can even be arranged upon your request from one generation to another.

We are at your service for the following:

  • Wealth management and tax planning
  • Preparing your tax return and contacts with tax office officials
  • Investment structures and taxation
  • Generational transfer and other family-related wealth planning
  • Cross-border situations / International Taxation


Why PwC?

We have decades of experience in taxation issues and other legal questions related to property management. Our customer relationships are based on mutual trust and long term cooperation.

Our experts are at your disposal in our facilities around the country. If necessary, we have a global network of experts in 158 countries for your support. Our experts actively monitor world events and keep you up-to-date on a number of legislative changes and their impact on the management of your funds.


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Simo Valtti

Simo Valtti

Partner, Tax Services

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Kai Wist

Kai Wist

Partner, People and Organisation

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