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We offer diverse expertise across business boundaries for entrepreneurs in matters including growth, internationalisation, generational handovers and deals.

All of PwC’s services are also available for entrepreneurs in different phases of their business lifecycle. Our expert network covers the entire country and consists of professionals working on audit and assurance, tax and legal services, deals, finance and accounting and consulting services. We help businesses discover, build and scale innovations for developing businesses and seeking growth opportunities. We also have a wide global network to support our clients. Our special expertise includes consultation on ownership and ownership strategy for both family businesses and major owners of listed corporations. As a trusted partner, we aim to enable the achievement of various entrepreneurship and ownership goals.

Our clientele consists of companies whose revenues vary greatly; they include family businesses, startups, growth and scaleup companies, and traditional SME owner-entrepreneurs. We also assist wealthy individuals in planning their assets.

private company services

Our professionals’ thoughts on working with private company services

“The most rewarding thing about my job is definitely meeting people. I feel the joy of success every day when my colleagues, clients and I influence the outcome of our work and learn from each other during the process. My best workdays provide me with an energy boost that extends into all areas of life.”

Jari Lappalainen, tax services for family businesses and growth companies

“When working with entrepreneurs, I get to work with motivated people who value their work. Some have a business that has been built over several generations, others represent the first generation of a family business. All of these involve a strong feeling of human involvement and the desire to work together. Working with entrepreneurs isn’t “just work”, but something more meaningful. This company always helps to keep up my motivation and interest in further development!”

Sanna-Maria Lanki, legal services for family businesses and growth companies

“The most rewarding thing is standing shoulder to shoulder with the entrepreneur from the very beginning – understanding, supporting, planning and solving problems. Winning a tax dispute always feels good, too. In addition, I nearly always feel that growth companies’ stories are genuinely motivating. My best workday involves discussions with skilled colleagues, laughter and interesting client encounters.”

Matti Pennanen, tax services for growth companies and internationalising companies


“The best thing about my job is problem-solving and accomplishing something valuable for the client. When working with entrepreneurs, feedback is often instantaneous, and success is reflected directly in the client’s expression.”

Mikko Lundstedt, tax services for entrepreneurs


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