Technology strategy and architecture

Rapid changes in technology and pressure from shareholders are causing leaders to step back and look at all aspects of the business. Business and IT leaders must synchronise their strategies to achieve the speed and agility required to rapidly adapt to market disruptions and take advantage of emerging opportunities. They must also remain focused on the value proposition and cost effectiveness of key IT initiatives.

We can help you face the challenge of fusing business with technology. We are uniquely positioned to support our clients in developing a technology strategy in line with their business goals through market leading expertise that spans industries, disciplines and technologies. We help to identify gaps between your IT function (people, process, strategy, structure and technology) and your current and future anticipated organisational direction. We work with our clients to design a "blueprint" of your future operating model as well as a roadmap outlining the short-, medium- and long-term initiatives required to get them there. We also help to create a business-driven technology blueprint that maps out the processes, metrics, applications, information, integration, infrastructure and security components needed to deliver our client's business vision.

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Technology and digital strategy

We make sure that technology ties in with our client’s overall business strategy, supports their key business drivers, and can be realistically executed. Our experts apply an iterative approach to technology strategy - reducing broad ideas down to a small number of ideal solutions.

We also demonstrate how each solution meets your business goals and supports desired business capabilities - showing the art of what’s possible through available technology solutions.

Our experts are working to solve our clients most critical challenges:

  • How should technology be developed as part of the business change?
  • How can technology enable new business models?
  • Does the new technology work with your legacy hardware and software and existing capabilities?
  • Will the technology service your business needs now and into the future?
  • How will innovation in technology affect your strategy?
  • How should core business solutions and ERP be developed?
  • How to align IT operations with business and IT strategies?

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture aims at optimising legacy or fragmented applications, information and technology into an integrated environment that facilitates easy decision making and change implementation. Cloud and microservice architecture are driving today’s digitalization and we can bring extra value to our clients by harnessing these capabilities into our enterprise architecture solutions.  We advise in all key components of enterprise architectures:

  • Business
  • Applications
  • Information
  • Infrastructure

An integrated technology environment can easily flex and respond to business demands and changes. This is because the impact of changes can be easily and quickly determined and the changes easily implemented and embedded across the enterprise. Effective management and exploitation of information through technology is a key factor in driving business success, and a crucial means to achieving competitive advantage.

Aligned with business strategy, we help clients in developing an enterprise architecture with a broad understanding of the sub-competencies and experience of managing a design authority. We also support our clients as they embark on an IT transformation or change journey by putting an enterprise architecture function in place - or assessing their current capability or compliance, and ensuring the function is effectively built into their business-as-usual processes.

Enterprise architecture must change as the business changes. Mergers, new business strategies and corporate transactions among other things are examples of significant events that might be transforming your business. Enterprise architecture that is up to date supports your business during transformation and helps you to navigate your operations successfully. We help you to keep your vision clear through the whole life cycle of your business.

IT operating model

IT operating model plays an important role in organisations working as an interface between business and IT. Well-designed IT operating model unifies strategy and day-to-day operations smoothly while making the business more cost-efficient.

We help you to define the most suitable business driven IT operating model for your business by advising with the required core components of your IT:

  1. IT guidelines and principles
  2. IT organisation
  3. IT processes and tools
  4. Sourcing model
  5. Business engagement 
  6. Service catalogue and service levels
  7. Roles & responsibilities
  8. IT governance

Emerging technologies and ecosystems

Technology has the power to disrupt, shifting a market almost overnight. Businesses that thrive are those that plan ahead for emerging technologies, adopting the very best digital solutions at the right time.

We keep ourselves updated regarding latest technological innovations by maintaining dialogue between various stakeholders, professionals and technical forums. To be able to guide and serve our clients in the best possible way, our experts are continuously educating themselves with the latest information available in the market. 

Our alliance and partner relationships and proprietary solutions offer a new equation for better results. One that combines powerful technology with implementation that gets it done right—with minimal disruption and maximum impact. 

Not only relaying in emerging technologies and ecosystems but also by using modern management techniques our consultants can help our clients to realise their digital strategies, improve efficiencies and prepare them win in the market and for growth.

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