Corporate income tax returns

Make sure your tax return is efficiently prepared and accurate!

In an ever-changing business environment, tax and accounting rules are diverging and getting ever more complex. We bring together accounting and tax expertise and are up to date on the latest changes and practice.

We will help your company to prepare and review tax returns and clarify potential issues in the tax return forms.

When preparing tax returns we pay close attention to:

  • drawing up a tax calculation
  • proper audit trail between the financial statements and the tax calculations and returns
  • differences between accounting and tax depreciation
  • sales and scrapping of tangible assets
  • utilising possible losses or withholding tax credits
  • changes in corporate structure
  • tax payments and refunds
  • treatment of dividends, provisions and donations
  • transfer pricing documentation obligations.

Depending on your needs we can also help to bridge the tax return to accounting and tax calculations and map out your company’s tax planning opportunities and tax risks.

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Iain McCarthy

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