Data analytics

By utilising data, you can make better decisions faster, work more efficiently, save money and find new sources of revenue.

Harness the untapped potential of your data 

With advanced analytics, you can better understand and anticipate everything that happens in and around your business; every interaction with the customer, every moving part of the supply chain and every financial transaction anywhere in the world. 

With a data architecture that allows data to be processed immediately, you will gain a better understanding of your customers and be able to develop products faster. By leveraging proactive analytics, you will be able to react to events before they happen. This reduces customer turnover, prevents accidents and anticipates equipment maintenance needs. In addition to this, analytics will help you identify new opportunities and create new revenue streams you have not been able to imagine. 

Data is a resource you already have. We help you analyse the current state of your organisation, develop a strong foundation on which to start and help you put data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions into practice. With advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions, you can optimise the performance of your business and commercialise the opportunities created by your data.


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See into the future

PwC positioned as a Leader in Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers

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How to use data and analytics?

1. Build a strong foundation for data analytics

Effective analytics starts with reliable and comprehensive data

Data can be used to drive innovation and business processes. However, success depends on the availability and quality of data, which requires efficient and reliable data management. The data should be well organised, relevant, accurate and understandable. We help you create a frame of reference for your data, develop a strategy, build your infrastructure, processes, and systems and create a culture that makes your organization data-driven.


2. Apply advanced analytics

Take Advantage of the Opportunities Created by Data

As you build the right kind of data architecture and improve data quality, it’s time to explore the potential of advanced analytics and develop your first pilot projects with agility. Advanced analytics allow you to act instead of just reacting. You can use data to create an understanding of customers, create a better customer experience and anticipate and optimise transactions. Detect relevant signals and look forward with confidence. We show you how advanced analytics works and support you at every stage of the process.


3. Improve business efficiency

Do what you do today, but even better

Every function could work more efficiently. Analytics can help you understand and optimise the retail value chain from start to finish and manage operating costs. Boost growth through strategic pricing models and data-driven marketing. This leads to income growth and differentiation in the market. 


4. Explore business opportunities

Identify unknown business opportunities

Data has been said to accelerate innovation regardless of industry. However, managers need to know where and how the data can be utilised. We help your company explore emerging technologies, test innovative ideas and discover new types of data-driven business models.


This is how our clients have benefited from data analytics:

The management of the client wanted to monitor profitability in real time. We carried out efficiency analyses of the working capital of procurement and sales for the client, as well as client and business-specific profitability analyses, which lead to problems being identified. Over the course of four years, the effectiveness and profitability of working capital improved clearly. The client felt the analyses to be so useful that it integrated them into its systems.

Our client had invested significantly in the systems of the procurement process and their automation, but the process was still laborious, inefficient and prone to errors. Monitoring of the procurement process was also challenging and there were shortcomings in reporting. We carried out extensive data analyses for the client, through which we established the faults in the process and their causes. Based on the analyses, we drew up reports through which the client could follow the improvement in the efficiency of the process and the reduction in faults in real time.

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