Corporate taxation

Domestic and international corporate taxation

A company’s operations and legal actions – investments, transfers of assets, and other actions – always include the perspective of taxation. In addition, tax legislation and legal practice are constantly changing. Changes can have a fundamental effect on the fiscal status of both domestic companies and international groups operating in Finland.

The globalization of business raises many tax-related questions. Establishing and financing a foreign subsidiary involves several tax issues that need to be solved, similar to starting a project delivery into another country.

One factor in the profitability of economic operations is the predictability, management, and optimisation of tax-related matters in international business. With our international network we are able to serve our Finnish customers globally.

We help companies operating in Finland with the following:

  • corporate income tax returns
  • matters of interpretation of local legislation regarding taxes paid for corporate income tax purposes (rules on taxing business income, group contribution and on withholding taxation)
  • matters of interpretation concerning real estate tax paid for the company’s properties
  • matters of interpretation concerning transfer tax paid for the transfer of assets
  • drafting applications and appeals for tax authorities and courts
  • tax accounting and reporting
  • managing tax-related matters and
  • corporate tax related training.

Our services related to international business include:

  • project deliveries
  • establishing foreign subsidiaries
  • reorganization of international operative business and group structure
  • planning of international corporate acquisitions
  • analysis and planning of group tax burden of international groups considering  e.g. optimal utilisation of tax losses, intra-group financing, or immaterial rights
  • knowledge on EU tax law, tax treaties and tax legislation in different countries.

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