5G is reshaping business in all sectors

5G is a platform for new technology

5G is the new generation wireless network. Whereas 4G revolutionized the fast wireless connections for its consumers, 5G introduces a whole new dimension in providing wireless technology to benefit businesses.

5G will modernize the possibilities especially for companies and the 5G generation will considerably speed up the transmission of data while practically eliminating latency to nonexistence and strengthening network connection. While previous generation’s technology offered internet speed for playing games and entertainment, 5G provides transformation in digitalisation in different industry verticals.

We have participated in the development of 5G globally since 2017. We are helping to create sustainable, reliable and cybersecure 5G infrastructures.

According to our estimates, 5G technology will increase the world GDP by over 10 trillion euros by the year 2035.

7 reasons for benefiting 5G now

Now is the right time to start looking into how 5G technology can take your organization’s functions to the next level. The faster plans and investments are made, the higher are benefits gained by 5G business. The advantages 5G brings us, among other things, are: 

  1. Faster transmission of data. Transmitting data will speed up by ten or even a hundredfold compared to 4G technology.
  2. Nearly non-existent latency. Transmitting data with 5G will take less than one millisecond at its best. This allows, for example, for the remote operation of equipment practically in real time, regardless of the distance.
  3. Higher device density. With only one base station area, 5G allows the connection of several thousands of IOT sensors for proactive maintenance.
  4. More reliable connection. Interruptions due to high volumes of data being transmitted can be essentially minimized with the help of the 5G network.
  5. Lower energy consumption. In terms of sustainability, energy consumption can be reduced by 50% from its current use with the help of 5G. Also, the replacement period between, for example IOT- equipment batteries, can be extended even up to ten years.
  6. More advanced access control. For example, access control of remotely operated IOT-devices can be done centrally, singly, and more easily in accordance with the requirements of GDPR standards than before.
  7. Lighter infrastructure and less cabling. 5G will allow for better wireless connections than before and therefore more cost-efficient infrastructure.

These new benefits can be applied practically to nearly all organisations to improve efficiency and quality. The essential factor is to start planning the possibilities of developing your business operations to secure a place at the top of your agenda.

Examples of 5G in different industries


5G will completely revolutionise the capacity to compete among companies, as the internet without latency will allow for a whole new collaboration between man and technology. This means that in the future there will be fully automated, remotely operated factories and considerably faster production lead times in all factories. For instance, in car manufacturing the time it takes to download and install a car's operating system has been reduced from several hours to only tens of minutes with the use of 5G.

However, 5G has its own applicable set of regulations. It is a good idea to adhere to the regulations that apply to your own operation, as well as to those involved in providing it, to ensure safe business practices. When each participant contributes to the safe whole, it shows in improved quality of the product, fewer mistakes and more developed risk management.

Energy companies

5G is the enabler of new greener energy. By using 5G, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to 4G. This is a significant benefit for both the consumer as well as energy companies. At the same time, 5G allows for innovative real-time consumption and device monitoring. In the future, it will also become a prerequisite for charging electric cars more efficiently.

The energy industry is critical for the entire society. As remotely controlled operations and automation increase, we must be able to trust 100% in technology and its indicators used. We will assist those in the energy industry to make sure they can confidently rely on the 5G solutions and that they are in accordance with the pertaining regulations.

Telecom operators

Thanks to 5G technology, telecom operators will be expected to become even more powerful solution providers compared to the role of traditional connection providers. We will help telecom operators by guaranteeing the quality of service for end-users, and we will make sure that requirements set by regulators are met.

Smart City

5G will allow for new innovations – and not just for businesses, but also in our every-day life. A Smart City can benefit from safer and self-directing traffic, new types of car parking management, enhanced public services and more advanced remote learning. These will make all our activities more energy efficient.

As 5G solutions become commonplace in the cities and infrastructure, their functionality will become key in providing general safety. We will make sure that all parties can trust us in fulfilling the undertaking of 5G projects.

Setting up 5G roadmap to support investment decisions and meet expectations

5G readiness is moving at a high speed in the world, and Finland is a forerunner in the deployment of technology, as well as in research and development. We have a very strong support of the public sector in research, development and innovative projects, all of which significantly boost 5G growth.

New 5G technology is added in the market daily which allows for the development of new innovations in the field. However, in supporting major investment decisions, it is better to verify which regulations of the sector affect your business operations and must be adhered to. Also, it is crucial to be up to date on the latest developments, to avoid the previous mistakes made by adopters of technology.

We know the 5G trajectory and the industry’s best operators. We will help compile a roadmap spanning the entire 5G lifecycle, from the profitability of an investment to the development of technology. A clear roadmap will help your organisation set realistic expectations for 5G, thus facilitating clearer communication for other networks as well.

EU 5G Toolbox

The EU's 5G Toolbox will set up consistent performance requirements to determine how 5G must operate technically and structurally so that the technology can be depended on. Finland is the first country in the world where these requirements have been adopted into law.

We are currently working on projects where Toolbox’s requirements are being implemented in the 5G services of the provider. This way our understanding of Toolbox applications in different global areas of use will only continue growing. Currently, those who must pay special attention to the Toolbox requirements in their own activity are telecom operators, 5G equipment manufacturers and cloud service providers.

Members of 5G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation forum estimate to grow 5G investments by 50% by year 2023.

Looking for a 5G job? We are constantly looking for new 5G specialists

Do you master 5G cybersecurity, are you familiar with different 5G regulations or maybe you find developing new 5G business inspiring? We are continuously looking for new 5G experts to join our growing team.

We are pioneers as enablers of 5G business in different sectors and compared to our competitors, our clients are entering the market faster with their 5G solutions with our help. So in our team you get to work in the frontline of 5G development.

We at PwC truly care about our employees and support them in building sustainable careers. Our work really matters and by acting according to our values we make sure everyone ejoys working with us.

If you got excited you can call Timo Takalo +358 (0)20 787 7489 and ask more information or you can submit an open application from the link below and let's see what kind of 5G related opportunities we can offer you.

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5G current events in the world

We actively follow the events taking place in the 5G industry and collect all current reports that we would encourage everyone to explore.

Why PwC?

We are the enablers of 5G business in different sectors. Our purpose is to build trust, continuity, give transparency and support 5G to grow. We support you throughout the 5G lifecycle and assist you in complying with international regulations and standards. We will help 5G service providers, telecom operators and end-users to remove obstacles and make the most of what 5G offers.

We know how to estimate if the 5G cybersecurity and level of quality is adequate for you. If your clients need proof that your 5G products, 5G network or the services you provide are handled securely, we can attest to being a trusted partner that can stand through the toughest of competitions.

As an international operator, we have been investing in 5G network risk management for several years. We have invested in technical competence and the management of 5G access regulations required by law. We have developed a reference framework that helps you to consider 5G network security of your business and regulation standards, whether you are a hardware, software or network equipment supplier, telecom operator or a 5G network end-user.

We work together with the industry’s best operators and can recommend the most competent business partners to suit your needs.

We are also active 5G developers and our experts participate in different organisations that drive the development of 5G technology in the big picture. Also, in cooperation with different universities, we are the first ones in the world to create a real-life 5G product environment which we gave hackers to be tested. As a result, we managed to improve our experts’ competencies even further.

Pioneer as an enabler of 5G business in different sectors

All necessary experts from specialised fields

Proven framework for utilising 5G

Internationally significant 5G investments

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