Our experts specialising in startup companies will support you in the early stages of the business as well as in questions related to growing your business.

Starting your business

We support you in drafting your business plan, setting up a company, choosing a financing model, tax issues, and drawing up various contracts. We will also help you in business-related situations when a new company is created by incorporation or acquisition, or when business starts abroad.


We always design the audit together with you and we will consider your company's industry and its special features.  We produce high-quality reports from the observations we’ve made to support decision-making for the management and the board.

When planning the audit, we note the risks inherent to your business, which will determine the audit priorities. Thus, we efficiently target the audit to areas where potential risks are the greatest.

We support you throughout the year, even during times other than the statutory annual audit, in all issues related to accounting, administration and balancing the accounts. When designing and implementing the audit, we always consider any potential tax issues.

Thanks to our international experience, we can also support you in interpreting international law and accounting practices.

Tax counselling and legal services

At the start of your business activities, we'll advise and consult in business dealerships to make the corporate structure and contracts flexible as the business grows. It is good to consider the relationship between the owners and the commitment of the key people in the early stages of the company. We design and prepare suitable commitment and incentive schemes for your business. In addition, we help you and your company to identify legal and fiscal opportunities and minimize the risks involved.

Did you know that

  • In the case of VAT, the tax liability limit is increased by 10 000 € / year, but when selling digital services to a private individual in another EU Member State there is no minimum limit, but tax liability arises immediately.
  • the entrepreneur is responsible for their own pension and accident insurance. For the entrepreneur, these insurance payments and the benefits accumulated from them are often based on the self-employed persons' pension act (YEL) income, depending on the share of ownership. You must be careful when determining your income.
  • Branches are usually in their country of registration and the registration process may take months.
  • providing stock options to employees most often causes income tax obligation for employers.
  • changes in joint-stock company ownership affect the right to use past losses.
  • failure to report seasonal tax returns will lead to over 20% annual interest rates. In many countries, the consequences are even greater.
  • customs duties on imports are one of the highest tax costs. Import duties can be affected in many ways. 

Financial and Business Transactions

When collecting international funding, energy should be targeted toward the most appropriate people and approaching financiers with the most correct and interesting story. It is worth knowing the value of the company and the arguments supporting it in depth.

We will help you

  • find the best possible form of financing for your company.
  • establish relationships with the most suitable investors and financiers.
  • tell your story in the most attractive way.
  • identify the most potential investors and financiers.
  • stay up-to-date on the changing investment trends.
Thinking about listing?

We will help you prepare for a possible public listing (IPO). As part of the preparation for the IPO we will help the company identify the differences between the requirements of existing models and the models required of listed companies, as well as support the company in developing its operations to meet the requirements set for listed companies.

Business acquisition or sales in mind?

Through our extensive network, we know the most important international investors and financiers. In terms of the number of transactions, we are the global number one in M & A activities. With our international network, you will find potential purchasing targets effectively.


We help companies develop their business model, and growth or business plan. We help in identifying and reaching out to potential customers in new market areas. We analyse and give feedback on the growth strategy and business model, as well as evaluate the company's potential from the point of view of angel and venture capital investors. Our extensive customer network enables the identification and construction of partnerships with larger companies.

We work with companies, both directly and as part of wider financial and network projects. We are focusing on the development of business services and financial instruments with key public organizations in the growth business.

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