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Advancements in digital and technology are reshaping the way we all do business.

By combining deep business and industry insight with digital innovation, our diverse teams of creative, industry and technology professionals help accelerate the successful impact digital can have. 

We help create integrated, end-to-end digital solutions from strategy and innovation through to execution to solve our clients’ most complex business challenges.

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Data-driven Business Insights

Our Data-driven Business Insights service brings the analytical capabilities of your company to the next level.

Data-driven Business Insights:
Unveil the real performance of your business processes

Our Data-driven Business Insights service brings the analytical capabilities of your company to the next level. By utilising our service, you will receive a genuine and precise overall picture of the company's real performance, value chains and processes with all their variations and exceptions.

The service is completely based on the real data flowing in the processes, bypassing predefined reporting structures and averaging KPI measurement systems.

Digital replicas to simulate real-life situations

With data based on facts, we can model a digital replica of your company. That makes the simulation of your business operations possible, as well as enabling the testing of the effect of different measures on the performance of your business operations. With the digital replica, we can help you to analyse the various alternatives and identify the most effective measures from the point of view of the whole for the optimisation of your business.

We can also make use of machine learning algorithms in our service, meaning that the study and comparison of different alternatives is more efficient than before and action recommendations are more comprehensive.

With the aid of the service, you will get answers to questions including the following:

  • What do the real business processes and their deviations look like?
  • How efficient are the processes of your company in real life? How should they be improved?
  • How well can your company respond to the needs of customers?              
  • In how disciplined a way are the practices of your company and those required by various regulations followed?
  • Is the operating model of your company the best one possible?


IT management

How to create value to business with technology? How to ensure IT operations follow the priorities of the business?

We help you with the following questions:
  • How can IT support the business strategy and times of change?
  • How to choose the best operations model for IT and how to rearrange and manage operations efficiently?
  • How to execute and prioritise optimal development and services in business's point of view?
  • How to manage know-how, collaborators and ecosystem?
  • How to utilise new technologies in growing the business?
  • How to accelerate projects, utilise agile development models and manage them alongside more traditional development models?


IT management
Business supportive enterprise architecture

Business supportive enterprise architecture

How to stucture applications and technologies to best support the business?

We help you with the following questions:
  • How to transform the architecture to support the business?
  • How to simplify and rationalise elderly system architecture?
  • How to build an architecture that meets the information security requirements?
  • How to make the architecture compatible with the surrounding ecosystem?
  • How to utilise cloud based solutions, memory based technologies and API architecture as part of the operations?


Benefits of cloud based corporate applications

A growing number of companies' business applications are cloud services. Users have noticed that cloud based corporate applications can in some cases create even more value than the traditional solutions that are tailored to company's needs. Usual explanation for this is that in deployment phase, cloud based systems utilise proven practises which usually leads to simplification of processes and operation models. 

Compared to traditional IT solutions, the deployment project of cloud based solutions takes less technical effort, but requires more business supporting effort. It is also important to note that incorporating cloud computing components to company's application architecture means that there are bound to be changes in this sort of hybrid architecture's management processes.

We are here to help our clients to plan and execute the deployment of cloud based services in the way that is the most beneficial to the business. We are independent from the tehcnologies, though we have great expertise especially in the solutions of Salesforce, Mircosoft Dynamics, Oracle and SAP. 

We support you in:
  • Business supporting consulting in the deployment of cloud service
  • Technical deployment of cloud services
  • Maintaining the cloud services
  • Managing the cloud services as part of the overall architecture (hybrid architerture)


Cloud based corporate applications

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