Finance and Accounting services

By outsourcing financial management, you can focus on developing and taking care your business.

Our Finance and Accounting services combine high-quality consulting and effective solutions to financial management routines. You will always receive up-to-date information about the present state of your business.

Outsourcing the financial management

Do you need help with financial management, leadership supporting analytics and financial management operations? In case your company does not have its own financial manager or the needed resources, outsourcing financial management is a flexible way to streamline and develop operations.

Utilisation of automation and digital applications enable effective use of resources and allows redefining the roles of financial management. Traditional routine transactions of accounting and payroll management can be automatised to a great extent, which enables companies to allocate their resources to a consulting service that creates added value.

Our services include for example

Consulting services

  • Financial directing services
  • Development of reporting to support business goals and risk management
  • Development and automation of financial management processes
  • Support in acquiring funding
  • Support in system projects
  • Ad hoc calculations (cash flow forecasts, investment calculations, profitability calculations).

Financial management

  • Accounting management, purchase and sales invoice management and payroll administration
  • Composing financial statements and tax returns
  • Tekes reporting
  • Gaap conversions (IFRS / US Gaap).

Reporting and analytics

  • A report package tailored and based on your company’s industry and goals, as well as creation of KPI and KRI meters
  • Tools utilising data analytics and visualisation to support you in leading with information
  • Cloud-based solutions ensure that your company information is always available and legible on any device
  • Reporting to various stakeholders (board, banks, investors and other stakeholders).

Why PwC?

With the help of our network, we are able to assist your company in matters regarding tax and legal issues, deals, owner strategy, risk management, data analytics and auditing, among others. Thanks to our internal network, we can also support growth and international companies.



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