Operations Transformation

We help you modernize key functions in the value chain

Internationalization, intensified competition and other changes in the business environment require companies to develop new operating models, streamline operations, and manage value chains in a whole new way. We provide proven solutions and methods for effective strategy implementation and for building capabilities that promote growth and improve efficiency.

“I was especially impressed with PwC experts' commitment to the project and the value-adding input that I could not have even asked or hoped for. Great work and thank you!”

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Efficient Operating Model

Choosing the right operating model for your company has a significant impact on wheter achieve your strategic goals. An efficient operating model helps you, your employees to meet with the changing requirements set by customers, shareholders and other important stakeholders

Changing market environment and customer behavior and regulatory requirements combined with sluggish economic growth increases pressure to ensure a fit-for-purpose operating model - especially what comes to harmonizating and improving organizations, processes and systems.

We have helped numerous clients to go through fundamental changes in their operating model starting from choosing the right strategic option all the way to implementing and fine-tuning practical details. 

Typical triggers for operating model programs include but not limit to new strategy, upcoming merger of history of M&A, continued poor profitability, regulatory change or upcoming major system change.

Our role is typically supporting the client’s program manager and business leadership in leading the transformation and making the change stick. In addition we typically support sub-streams either as stream leads or subject matter experts.

Connected Supply Chain

We help our customers to develop customer-oriented supply chains which are built on effective and efficient ways of running operations by utilising the great opportunities provided by digitalisation and analytics.

Our view is that future-proof supply chains are based more and more on increasing visibility and transparency, seamless connection of end-to-end planning processes (on strategic, tactical and operational levels), utilisation of real-time information, smart logistics solutions and dynamic supply chain segmentation.

Our extensive research has proven that companies investing in above-mentioned capabilities have reached not only significant cost savings, but have also been able to build new competitive advantages and increased their turnover.

Our solutions combine deep analysis on customer’s operations (inside-out) and bringing external insights and examples on how good looks like (outside-in). Our solutions consist of powerful methods and tools to assess the current state of the supply chain and related development opportunities. Together with our customers we will define the target state and critical capability requirements, as well as create a clear execution plan to reach the target state. We will support the implementation of planned changes and together with customer’s teams ensure the reaching of targeted business benefits.

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“PwC challenged our thinking and opened us totally new opportunities to develop our supply chain. As an end result, we now have a clear and crisp, jointly developed target state and clear steps to reach it.”

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“PwC consultants were seamless part of our global procurement team and helped us to ramp-up the program and reach full speed in Supply Operations transformation despite the Covid-19 restrictions”

Intelligent Procurement

Procurement has an important role in managing risks and costs requiring continuous development in supplier network management, strategic sourcing, invoice handling and value creation through professional procurement.

We help our clients to organize their procurement in an optimal way, develop efficient end-to-end processes and utilize new technologies to improve the business. Automatized Source-to-Pay processes (S2P), cost savings and optimal taxation solutions are tangible examples of the results from the development projects together with our clients.

With the support of our procurement experts you will be ready for the upcoming digital challenges and you can provide tailored solutions to risk management and value creation.

Competitive manufacturing

We offer manufacturing services from strategy through execution to drive competitiveness of our customers’ manufacturing operations. We support our customers to find the way to harness the full value of IIoT, MES, analytics and many other technologies. We have multiple years of experience and a strong expertise in the following areas:

  1. Manufacturing strategy and footprint optimization
  2. Smart manufacturing strategy and transformation
  3. Plant performance improvement and capability development
  4. Data Analytics, Computer Vision, and AI solutions for manufacturing
  5. OT security from strategy through capability development to testing

Using the learnings from our various projects in above areas we have also built a cloud-based analytical platform called Factory Intelligence, which is open-source based IIoT platform co-developed with Microsoft and based on Azure technology solutions. This allows us to accelerate Smart Factory Transformations and provide the toolset and infrastructure to implement analytics into planning, production and maintenance processes.

“PwC has proven and broad capabilities to support our manufacturing operations to transform. PwC Factory Intelligence digital platform acts as an accelerator to drive value realization.”

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