Innovation and entrepreneurship

Companies must continuously develop their business and find new ways of serving customers even better. We help companies to discover, build and scale innovations that help them to develop their current business and scale new growth opportunities.

Growth requires innovation, and every company must find suitable tools for itself

Innovations are often visible to customers in the form of new products and services. Every company needs a sound product development process that allows good ideas to be processed into profitable business. Building sustainable growth through innovations requires much more, however. The company has to consider developing its organisational culture or collaboration models, or issues such as expansion of its own expertise through investment or corporate acquisitions. It is also important to consider both everyday innovation needs in the current business and new, potentially revolutionary innovations that help build future growth.


Although new and revolutionary innovations often get all the attention, we should not ignore small improvements achieved through innovation. A new customer service practice can be important to customer satisfaction, and an innovation that improves a factory’s maintenance process can have a major impact on an entire business.

Innovation and growth are based on people and the organisational culture. Innovation activity is not just a task for propeller-heads; every employee has something to contribute to the discovery, development and scaling of innovations. Company employees have wonderful opportunities for discovering new, potential areas of innovation that might be related to the utilisation of new technology, or the identification of new customer needs.

It should be borne in mind that you cannot always find the best expertise in your own company. By collaborating with various partners, a company can discover new perspectives, approaches and business opportunities. Entirely new opportunities can arise in your own business when viewed with fresh eyes by a startup, for example. When the goal is to build future, long-term growth, activities such as collaboration and investment in technology startups can be a good way of strengthening innovation capabilities. This makes it easier to predict changes and participate in building innovative solutions for the future.


How can we help? 

From ideas into practice

  • Assessment of ideas
  • Recognition and construction of practical operating models

Starting and accelerating startup collaboration

  • Understanding startup collaboration models and finding the best way forward for one’s own company
  • Scaling pilot projects into a business

Development of an innovation activity culture

  • Increasing employees’ innovativeness
  • Development of staff skills and business needs through inner entrepreneurship

Strategic investment as support for innovation activity

  • Building a venturing model as a strategy implementation tool
  • Taking account of short-term business needs and long-term growth goals

Building an innovation architecture

  • Planning, implementation and development of innovation activity
  • Strengthening innovation culture

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