Legal technology solutions

Our approach

From smart metadata management and e-signing to the adoption of AI-powered solutions, we can support your legal operation’s transformation journey in a way that takes into account your company size and industry. In addition to helping you pick the solutions appropriate for your needs, we can help you to integrate them into your business, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Ensuring that different solutions work together seamlessly helps you get the most benefit out of all of them. 

Integrating different solutions is a technical process that is best framed by a thoroughly planned strategy: which solutions should be integrated, how, and for what purpose? We can help you with this strategy planning, so as to create a framework that serves your business optimally.

Legal technology projects involve multiple stakeholders, including legal, compliance, and even internal audit teams across different countries and regions. We can assist you in a wide range of tasks. We can, for example, drive user adoption testing for new solutions and we continuously analyse feedback from the users. Based on your requirements and needs, we can prepare role-based interactive trainings and workshops, as well as develop user guides that support your users throughout the legal transformation journey.

Types of projects


Onboarding an e-signing tool or scaling up an existing solution to meet stricter legal regulations on validity of signatures and data security, or just to improve end user experience are part of a legal function transformation journey. Finding the right solution provider, specifying business requirements (such as integration with contract management and document management systems), and successful user adoption are important elements of success.

Contract lifecycle management + e-signing

Contract lifecycle management + e-signing allows you to streamline your legal operations with a single contract management system for handling everything from drafting, commenting, conducting negotiations, acquiring approvals through to signing, execution, and performance, as well as enabling you to create workflows that are custom-tailored for each contract type or, where applicable, for each jurisdiction or legal entity. Stay up-to-date with contract follow-ups and renewals with timely notifications.

AI-powered contract analysis

Conducting legal contract and document analysis is a time consuming process that is often prone to human errors. We help our clients streamline this process and minimise the risk of errors with the help of AI-powered contract analysis. We extract meaningful data from your contracts, for example, in relation to legal due diligence reviews, by:

  • Configuring pre-defined criteria for the AI to use in processing and analysing contracts
  • Systematically analysing the findings of the AI based on set criteria and the goals of the due diligence review
  • Identifying, categorising and flagging findings, such as missing clauses or risk, and extracting them for reporting

With the help of AI, one can quickly and efficiently analyse contracts for discrepancies, deficiencies, trends or other possible risks at both contractual and clause level. By continually developing the analysis criteria, we can enhance the capabilities of the AI and conduct an extensive analysis in multiple languages.

IPR management solutions

IPR management software is a specific software solution designed to manage a corporation’s intellectual property assets and other activities, which are closely related to intellectual property, such as filings, litigation, and compliance. It can, for example, help you to:

  • Build an overview of your IPR portfolio and strategy across different jurisdictions
  • Streamline and manage routine tasks more efficiently; and
  • Make informed decisions on IPR strategy.
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