Real estate and construction − legal services, transactions

We support and advise you through different stages of real estate and construction projects, including real estate transactions. Our real estate and construction experts are delighted to assist with small to large-scale real estate and construction projects as well as specific individual issues. In addition to legal services, we also offer real estate related tax and financial services.

Our real estate and construction legal services are often related to following:

Real Estate Transactions (M&A)

  • Sale of real estate and leaseholds
  • Sale of housing and real estate companies (also portfolios)
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Transaction documentation (including sales documentation) and negotiations

Lease Agreements

  • Lease agreements for real estate, retail, office and other commercial premises
  • Interpretation of the terms of the lease agreement
  • Lease negotiations

Real Estate Development Projects

  • Project agreements
  • Land use and development agreements
  • Changes in zoning and purpose of use
  • Agreements to divide possession between joint owners, easements and joint easement arrangements
  • Registrations and other processes with authorities

Building and constructing

  • Founder contracting
  • Construction contracts of residential and commercial properties
  • Legal advice and support at various stages of a construction project for contractors and constructors

Real estate companies

  • Incorporation of housing and real estate companies and advice regarding their governance and company law issues 
  • Property ownership arrangements
  • Taking into possession of the premises and maintenance of liability issues
  • Entering into the Residential and Commercial Property Information System and matters regarding share registration into the system

Real estate and construction disagreements and dispute resolution

  • Sale of real estate
  • Construction agreements

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