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Employment law

See how we can help:

We offer counselling on employment law questions. We advise among others on questions concerning collective agreements, annual leave, working hours, employer obligations, leased employees and employee layoffs. Additionally, we assist e.g. with questions regarding data protection in working life.


We draw up and comment on contracts for employees, executives and CEOs, and give advice on questions regarding them.


We assist with and give advice on non-competition clauses included in employment agreements and shareholders’ agreements. We draw up non-competition agreements and clauses, and give advice on whether it is possible to appeal in a non-compete clause or not.


We advise on the co-operation consultation procedures. We also provide a wide range of practical support to go through the co-operation negotiations. We draw up documents and and provide training for superiors. If needed, we can participate in the negotiations as on outside member.


We give advice and practical solutions on the ways to change the terms of employment. We assist in the implementation (e.g. co-operation procedures, negotiations with the employee, drawing up new employment agreements).


We advise on possibilities to terminate the employment as well as on co-operation procedure. We draw up documents related to termination of employment, for example written warnings, notices of termination and agreements on termination the employment. We can also assist with the negotiations regarding the termination agreement. We provide our support with the disagreements regarding termination of the employment. We prepare calculations of the costs of terminating an employment relationship. We also provide training for superiors.


We support with planning the transaction and mapping out the effects on the personnel. We advise on co-operation procedures connected to the transaction. We do HR due diligence inspections, where we thoroughly examine the essential matters regarding employment relationships as well as payroll, employer reporting and company culture.

We give advice and practical solutions to harmonise the terms of the employment relationships, and help draw up new employment agreements. Further, we support with the practical implementation of the corporate transaction and take part in the dialogue with the personnel administration as well as support the business to reach the goals of the business transaction.


We draw up contracts covering working abroad, including secondment contracts, local employment contracts and appendices of the contracts. We offer counselling on specific questions regarding the contracts, regarding e.g. reporting obligations and regulation on minimum wages.

We help you with employment related demands, taxation, social security, immigration matters, employer obligations and payroll management. We help with the practical side of sending an employee to work abroad, including helping with different applications and giving instructions to personnel management as well as scheduling of the different phases of international work. Through us, you get expert guidance on managing obligations outside of Finland.

We also draw up overseas secondment policies, and we have a lot of experience in global mobility of personnel. As experts in procedural measures and to help the the work of the personnel management, we can plan and prepare the entire process of international work with all of it’s different stages and schedules.


We give guidance on the employer obligations of a foreign employer in Finland. We draw up contracts, including secondment contracts, local employment contracts and appendices of the contracts. We offer counselling on specific questions regarding the contracts, regarding e.g. reporting obligations and regulation on minimum wages.

We help you with employment related demands, taxation, social security, work permits, employer obligations and calculation of salaries. We help with the practical side of seconding an employee to work in Finland, including helping with different applications and giving instructions for personnel management, as well as scheduling of the different phases and helping the employee to settle down in Finland.


We give advice on employer obligations and tax-efficient planning regarding different compensation and incentive arrangements. We help your organisation with different employee benefit programs. Through us, you get guidance on developing or changing different employee benefit programs. We draw up and comment on the employee code of conduct, and give advice on pension related questions.


We arrange regularly reviews on topical issues in employment law. Through us you can get education on different themes, planned with your company’s needs in mind.


  • Training for supervisors on demanding situations in an employment relationship and termination of an employment relationship;
  • Training for HR on employer obligations related to employment law, social security, work permits and taxation in international working situations.


Practical support in employment relationship matters

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting out your business or a private company owner operating nationally or internationally, our lawyers specialised in various areas of employment law will assist and advise you on any questions you may have regarding employment law. We are able to assist you with all employment related matters throughout the entire life cycle of your business. Simultaneously, we can offer counselling on e.g. corporate law and taxation. Thus, we are able to offer you a comprehensive service covering all legal counselling needed for your company’s human resource management and business.

Furthermore, we are able to assist e.g. in the following fields of business transformations: drawing up employment and director contracts, changing the term of employment and ending employment relationships, planning and executing corporate transactions (e.g. business transfers) and other personnel-related questions. In addition, we can assist you with co-operation consultation procedures and employer obligations, including advice on alternative ways of writing contracts, engaging employees and guidance on practical proceedings. Our way of working is always practical and we always take into consideration the individual needs and characteristics of each relevant company and industry.

In addition, we help private individuals with matters regarding employment law throughout the entire employment relationship.




Not just law, but comprehensive solutions to personnel-related questions.

Top-class knowledge on international employment relations

We assist our clients with drawing up contracts for foreign overseas assignments and local employments. The advice given cover both specific questions and local practices. Furthermore, we can advise on formulating the employer’s global policies and procedures covering working overseas temporarily. In the process, we examine the international mobility of the personnel comprehensively, while taking into consideration of employment law, social security, personal taxation, and immigration matters. In addition, our service includes assisting clients with all relevant practical procedures.


Why PwC?


We have a firm experience in employment law planning for both domestic and international environments. We work in co-operation with a unique global PwC network with employment law professionals in more than 80 countries.

We are top-class professionals in the field of consultancy on international mobility. We have a broad experience in situations, where employees are coming to Finland as well as where assignees are seconded overseas from Finland. Simultaneously, our employment law specialists can advise you on questions regarding social security, employer obligations, personal taxation and immigration.

Client orientation

It is of vital importance to us to give our clients exact answers to the questions that we have been asked. However, we do not hesitate to bring forward other factors that affect the outcome of the matter on our own initiative. At PwC, we have a client oriented and straightforward way of working - this is the foundation of our work, and we have gotten a lot of excellent feedback for it.


We look at the cases comprehensively and we are effective project leaders. We work in close collaboration with other specialists at PwC (e.g. corporate law, management consulting, private and corporate taxation, private wealth). Thus, you get comprehensive solutions to both domestic and international questions from one single location.


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