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One of the most important employer obligations, which affects each employee personally, is to pay salaries correctly and on time.

Our payroll specialists are ready to work with you to design comprehensive payroll services at all stages of your employment relationship and, if necessary, to consult your company on domestic and international payroll processes and employer obligations.

We specialise ourselves in international payroll outsourcing solutions and for international groups of companies we can offer our leading payroll administration hub: Global Payroll Platform (GPP). This client facing hub contains all payroll reporting and data analysis tools and interfaces with global HR systems (e.g. Workday). The global service offering includes the support and services of our local payroll experts in all countries of operation.

You can find out more about our various payroll services below

Outsourced payroll services

By outsourcing some or all of your payroll services, you can focus on the core business of your company and also gain financial benefits. 

We offer your company a range of payroll services tailored to suit your specific needs, starting from employment advice to payroll calculation and payments. We will also handle all necessary reporting, regulatory declarations and applications on your behalf.

Our team is constantly up to date with the latest details relating to different Collective Agreements and legislative changes taking place in each industry. We also provide a comprehensive variety of Employment Law and HR services customised to your needs.

Working abroad

Are the resources and expertise in your company sufficient to handle payroll administration in Finland or abroad? Are you familiar with the specific payroll regulations concerning international employment?

Our Clients are mainly international companies and we are prepared to support you with your employer obligations in Finland and abroad. With our international network we can provide you with expert advice and support in more than 150 countries.  

Our consultants have a strong expertise in various international situations such as social security agreements, cross-border reporting and tax obligations for employees entering and leaving Finland, net pay agreements and stock awards and options. In addition, our team has personal tax experts who are able to assist you and your employees personally.

Statutory obligations and reporting

Payroll administration involves not only calculating and paying salaries, but also dealing with a wide range of statutory reporting obligations. In Finland, one of the main obligations is to report the paid wages to the Incomes Register within five calendar days of the date of payment.  This reporting is automatically part of our payroll services, however, we can handle only the filing of the report for you, if necessary. 

We are happy to take care of obtaining statutory employment insurance policies, setting up occupational healthcare services and communicating with any other relevant authorities on your behalf.


Besides managing traditional payroll, our services also cover consulting services. 

We advise on payroll and employment issues in both standard and very specific situations such as cross-border working situations. Our area of expertise includes the interpretation of collective agreements and labour laws.

Below you can find some examples of the consulting services we have provided:

  • Auditing and risk assessment
  • Retroactive payroll reporting and correcting inaccurate reporting
  • Managing employer obligations related to work abroad
  • Incomes Register reporting obligations and their implementation

Global Payroll Platform

For the purpose of exchanging and transferring payroll data we have the possibility to use PwC’s own platform, which has been designed specifically from a payroll point of view to assist our multinational clients with running their daily functions as smoothly as possible. 

Our Global Payroll Platform (GPP) provides a real-time channel of communication with your payroll contacts and a view into your payroll workflow, tasks and status. Interfaces into other payroll, HR and finance systems can be set up too. The platform can generate a variety of payroll reports and electronic multi-lingual payslips. The GPP provides a consistent user experience for your payroll and finance teams as well as your employees, irrespective of their location.

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Why PwC?

  • We serve our clients concerning employer obligations, tax collection, social security, individual taxation and tax reporting. In addition to this we also offer payroll reporting services, reward consultation, HR consulting and labor law consulting for employers. Thus, you can get everything under one roof.
  • At PwC, our services are comprehensive and we assemble our team of experts from different areas of expertise, always according to our client's needs. Our extensive network consists of e.g. experts in taxation, company law, labor law, remuneration, valuation and financial reporting.
  • We are a trustworthy domestic operator with extensive expertise, and our international network allows us to serve you flexibly in Finland and in 152  countries.

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