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AI approach: Learn how AI thinks and where it works best

PwC is a partner with a transparent, explainable and business strategy driven approach in reaping the full benefits from AI. PwC helps business executives and functional specialists understand the basics of data science and data visualisation to learn how AI “thinks” and where it works best. The team, with a perfect mix of seasoned strategy, creative and technology professionals, is dedicated to help customers to come out as winner through the fourth industrial revolution.

How long does it take?

The duration of an AI ignition project is 4-6 weeks spanning from kick-off to presenting the transformation plan to leadership.

AI methodology

PwC’s 5-step approach to AI starts from identifying AI opportunities and guides the customer with an easy to follow map towards instilling AI as inseparable part of the customer’s DNA. PwC’s agile co-creation approach will jumpstart your journey to become a futureproof AI-enabled business.


Learn to use AI as an advantage

Business opportunities

Demystify AI into concrete terms, prioritize key areas for applying AI based on strategic value and change readiness, select use cases.

Technology and Data Requirements

Identify technology and data requirements for every stage in development of AI solution.

Operating Model

Empower the use of AI and support consistent use of AI techniques enterprise-wide and define governance for repeatability.

Workforce Impact

Ascertain change in the workforce’s roles with applied AI.


Into an AI Embedded Culture

Instill a data-driven culture that blends intuition and analytics insights with a focus on practical and actionable decisions across all levels.


PwC has completed hundreds of innovation projects and AI pilots in the past 4+ years using cutting edge AI techniques. The team has a repository of 500+ AI use cases applicable to various industries and 50+ intellectual capital reports on AI. PwC also collaborates with various universities and partners to build out AI innovation projects.


Shopper Aid

Enter the new era of e-commerce with the help of AI and AR

Together with our partners, we have created a solution for e-commerce platforms that uses AI and AR creating a truly unique online shopping experience.

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