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Enter the new era of e-commerce with the help of AI and AR

The competition in e-commerce field is getting tougher each day. Those platforms that manage to provide the smoothest and most unique experience will be the winners of that competition.

Shopper Aid helps you taking your e-commerce to the next level by powering your platform with AI and AR features that help your customers finding the perfect products for them.

Watch the short introduction video to get a better idea of what our solution can do for you and then book a demo from below so we can let you know how Shopper Aid will boost your business.


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Benefits of Shopper Aid

Unique and tailored shopping experience

Decreased abandonment and return rates

Faster and more accurate search

Key features

AI based discovery search

Shopper Aid uses artificial intelligence to actively learn what the customer likes as they explore an e-commerce site. In essence, it acts like an attentive salesperson, keenly observing the customer’s behaviour and presenting new items based on what the customer seems to like.

The navigation on Shopper Aid is inspired by Google Earth. Once the shopper gives the platform a basic idea of what they are looking for with a high-level filter, for example: men’s shirt, they will be shown a variety of items. The shopper can then zoom out or in on their screen to discover a wider selection or take a closer look at something they like. 

Every time the shopper clicks on an item, AI learns more and adjusts the alternatives it presents. If the customer clicks on a shirt with a floral pattern, more shirts with a floral design will appear. If they click on a short-sleeved shirt, more short-sleeved options will be shown, and so forth. This way shoppers can typically find what they want in just 3-5 clicks.

Product visualisation with the help of augmented reality (AR)

The platform also utilises augmented reality to help shoppers visualise what a product will look like in real life. Shopper Aid lets e-commerce vendors cost effectively add 3D images of any items they choose. This is especially useful when buying furniture and home appliances. 

If a customer is for example looking at coffee machines, they can click on a machine that they like and then see it in real size on their own kitchen countertop through their cell phone. This way they can see for themselves that the coffee machine will fit in the space they intend to put it.

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