IFRS reporting

The companies whose shares or bonds are traded publicly are obliged to prepare their financial statements according to the IFRS standards. For other companies, following the IFRS standards is voluntary. The transition into using IFRS standards becomes actual, for instance, when the company lists into a stock exchange.

Taking the IFRS standards into use

The transition from Finnish practices into the IFRS practices for financial statements involves several complex matters. These include the IFRS requirements for the notes to the financial statements, the basis for recording and valuing the financial instruments and the following of the new standards in general.

The IFRS training programme

Tailored training is an efficient way to arrange IFRS training for the financial department and the management. PwC’s IFRS experts design a training programme especially for your company’s needs. This way you can be sure that our IFRS training programme helps to update and deepen your knowledge about IFRS reporting in just those sectors that are essential for your company’s activities.

Why PwC?

Our long experience of listing projects and our IFRS expertise provide an excellent combination of knowhow for a successful listing.

The IFRS standards develop and change continually and that requires that the standards and their interpretations are followed even after the first IFRS financial statements are published. We offer the best possible knowhow for your convenience so that you can concentrate on handling your business while keeping up with the IFRS standards.


Do you want to stay up-to-date about the latest changes in the IFRS scene? Viewpoint is PwC’s international IFRS databank. Viewpoint offers a wide selection of the latest news, publications, best practices, detailed instructions, webcasts and study material concerning the IFRS standards. 

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