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Growth from new markets

China's share of total world production, industrial output, and foreign trade is rapidly growing. The continued development and the growing population with its purchasing power have made China a tempting target market for companies. At the same time, companies must also maintain their competitiveness with the market pressure. Our China Desk helps companies succeed in China and, similarly, Chinese companies as they set up in the Finnish market.

Practical help in different phases of the business life cycle:
  • We define the best way to invest and do business case by case
  • We will help find suitable collaboration companies, corporations, and alliances
  • We are pragmatic about setting up a business in China
  • We carry out market research and marketing strategies
  • We analyse strategies and business plans
  • We offer M&A consulting and also assist in mapping the "exit" opportunities
  • We will provide an economic and market Due Diligence
  • We will help you consider the laws created by the Chinese government and the local requirements for personnel and tax planning.

Why PwC?

Our way of working is to provide our customers with pragmatic approaches to the full range of our expertise from counselling and auditing services to tax consultancy. PwC has been operating in China for a long time and has about 13,000 employees there. Services are available in 15 major cities, including 300 financial professionals, 120 tax consultants specializing in corporate acquisitions, and about 90 valuation and strategic planning professionals. In addition, the customer is able to use our entire global network.

We serve both companies and investors.

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