Ownership strategy

Ownership strategy supports the success of family businesses

Do the owners of your business have a common vision of the future of your business? What about ownership and ownership roles? The ownership strategy reinforces the owners' shared view of ownership goals and the future of family business. The process related to refining it provides a guided forum for discussion and work, which will result in strengthening the family cohesion and the view of the ownership direction. Shared values and common will to take the family legacy forward is the key to success.

Ownership strategy will also bring a systematic approach and clarity to the family business’ practices and structures. It adds significant value, especially in change situations, to matters related to the growth of the company, generational change, mergers and acquisitions, as well as a variety of unexpected situations.

Ownership strategy can be done step by step. Typical needs, through which we have started to build the strategy with our customers, include:

  • Creating a shared vision of ownership and ownership transfer principles
  • Owner identity: ownership values, mission and vision, strengthening the family culture
  • Strategic principles guiding ownership: desire to take risks, internationalisation
  • Corporate governance: clarity for board work, creation of ownership council, transparency of operations
  • Family governance: strengthening the family community in different ways, the establishment of a family council, family office
  • Roles: who, what, why? Defining needs and selection criteria, mapping of strengths, training / coaching, support for taking over a new role or abandoning a role.


Owner Strategy supports the success of family businesses


Why PwC?

  • 65+ years of experience in supporting family businesses and generational transfer
  • INTES consulting house as part of PwC
  • Kellogg co-operation
  • Workshop and coaching combined with consulting
  • The skills and customer experiences of PwC's international team available for you.


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