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Operations & Integration

Efficient management of sopecurity and privacy is based on systematic, measurable operation. Security and privacy must be managed, and operation must be based on a security and privacy management model. The management model takes into consideration the threats and possibilities targeting the organisation, creates an administrative framework with responsibilities and tasks and includes the processes required for their implementation. The management model takes into consideration and predicts changes in the operating environment and includes effective and functional processes and capabilities for the management of any anomalies. Security and privacy become part of the organisation’s operation, products and services.

We understand our customers’ needs also in terms of corporate security, such as the security of facilities, personal safety and technical surveillance. Our expertise also covers business continuity and recovery planning. We support your organisation in every area of security and privacy with consideration to your needs and the leading standards and best practices in your industry.

Concerned about cyber threats

Just like your business, criminals take advantage of innovation in technology. Cybercrime can happen at any time and from anywhere.

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Evaluations of the current state of security and privacy

We provide organisations with comprehensive current state and impact evaluation services, make development suggestions and assist in the design and implementation of efficient controls. We will also check the backgrounds of the organisation’s key personnel or other persons critical for the organisation’s operation. We identify, evaluate and manage the risks of organisations and partners, carry out internal inspections and write an independent operator’s assurance statements the organisation may use to demonstrate its compliance with requirements.

Creation and development of security and privacy management models

Good security and privacy management that is based on continuous improvement stems from measurable, systematic operation. We are familiar with leading industry standards and regulations as well as best practices, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, NIST CSF and ISF SOGP. We produce for our customers reliable ISO/IEC 27001:2013 information security management systems, ISO/IEC 22301:2013 business continuity and ISO/IEC 27018:2014 cloud service information security implementation services. With our global network, we are also able to produce ISO standard certification services for our customers.

We help our customers build, maintain and develop a management system that fulfils the organisation’s needs.

Integration of security and privacy into holistic risk management

An organisation’s holistic risk management also includes management of information risks. A centralised and systematic operating practice ensures the efficiency of risk management work and helps avoid overlapping investments. We help organisations integrate security and privacy into holistic risk management, such as the COSO ERM framework.

Third-party risk management

The operation of organisations is highly networked. In addition to their own digital services, organisations also utilise platforms created by their partners and services provided through them. This creates new opportunities for the company, but also increases the risks targeting organisations. How do you ensure that your partner is complying with the agreed rules? We help organisations in the management of the appropriateness of supply chain security and privacy as well as business continuity and recovery and the evaluation of a contractual partner’s integrity.

Due diligence evaluations

We offer companies due diligence evaluations for the various stages of the company’s lifecycle. If the company is considering enlistment on the stock market or seeking new growth through a corporate acquisition or sale, it is crucial for the interests of the different parties to understand the other party’s risk position in terms of security and privacy as well as the company’s integrity. All this will affect the valuation of companies that are considering enlistment or are the target of a corporate acquisition or sale.

Business continuity and disaster recovery management

Business continuity planning and recovery management are a key part of every organisation’s risk management. Multidimensional digital ecosystems that combine several operators challenge the management of the continuity of the operation of organisations. We help organisations create, maintain and develop a business continuity management system that also takes into consideration recovery back to normal.


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