Tax analytics

Tax analytics enables deep understanding of the company’s tax environment, processes, potential risks and opportunities. It provides clarity, certainty and transparency on past, present and future decisions with impact on taxation.

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Our approach

We help our clients through the tailored analytic solutions. We offer a wide range of tax analytics services, from as-is analysis of past transactions to customised dashboards with recurrent data refresh. We also support the deployment of the solution and maintenance with the help of workshops, training and other guidance.

Our tax analytics solutions cover for example following spheres:

  • Corporate taxation
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax management of real estate portfolios
  • VAT analysis
  • Procurement and goods flow analysis
  • Customs and trade analytics

Examples of our competence fields:

VAT analysis

Ensuring correctness of the VAT determination is a complex process. We can assist through validation of purchases and sales invoices on the transaction level, VIES validation and automation of VAT return preparation.

Supply chain analysis

Globalisation and complex trade agreements can be challenging for many of our clients. We can assist with Incoterms analysis and trade flows, as well as optimise framework agreements.

Customised dashboards

Dashboards allow you to drill down from a high level strategic overview all the way down to transaction line item level. We create customised solutions for you to ensure that they get access to the views and performance indicators that are relevant exactly for your business and your roles. Dashboard can focus, for example, on VAT analysis, supply chain analysis, real estate portfolio management or on profit and cost analysis.

Tax management of real estate portfolios

Managing taxation of the large real estate portfolio can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when legislation is constantly changing. Our experts are experienced in managing tax issues of the real estate portfolios and can assist, for example, with saving potential analysis and automation of tax return preparation and filing.

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