Tailored SAP tax trainings

Take your SAP knowledge to the next level and learn how to make it work for you.

How can you benefit from customised training?

  • Learn what SAP can do for your tax team.
  • Learn and understand SAP terminology to help you to communicate your needs (for example, with real-time reporting)
  • Learn how SAP can support tax determination in end-to-end processes 
  • Learning SAP concepts in a setting tailored to your own business goals

What if you could learn SAP in an interactive workshop tailored for you?

We can help you and your team to understand and leverage SAP in day-to-day tasks and transformation initiatives - based on your own questions and goals.

We provide a training solution that combines easy-to-follow SAP theory base with practical questions specific for your organisation, planned together with you.

  • SAP-terminology and enterprise structure
  • Key SAP configurations that determine the success of your tax compliance
  • Creating transparency in tax related data throughout your system environment
  • Improvement areas and specific next steps for your tax, compliance and internal audit teams
SAP tax training
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