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Corporate Governance

Legislation and recommendations determine good management practice

Good management practice defines the management and steering of an organisation

  • structures and their roles and responsibilities,
  • operating procedures and guidelines, as well as processes and
  • systems that support steering.

The new corporate governance code that came into effect on 1.1.2020, concerning listed companies, is a collection of recommendations relating to good management, which supplement the obligations coming from legislation.

The objective of internal auditing is to ensure that the operations of the company are efficient and productive, the information is reliable and that regulations and operating principles are complied with.

We participate actively in the development of the principles of good management practice by working in close cooperation with organisations such as Directors' Institute Finland and Boardman.  

Our experts help your organisation in the following areas:

  • creating the principles, guidelines and operating models of good management practice
  • evaluation and development of the functionality of the sub-areas of good management practice
  • in particular, evaluation of the activity of the board and its committees
  • anticipating, monitoring and analysing the effects of international and national
  • development policies for good management practice and applying the new corporate governance code
  • evaluations and development of the control environment.

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