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Business continuity management

Success requires the undisrupted continuity of business operations

Continuity management is a continuous process which is intended to ensure the continuity of the business and its core processes in the event of interruptions. Continuity management is a higher-level concept which includes crisis management, business continuity planning and recovery planning.

The need for the development of continuity planning has become accentuated in many organisations. Reasons for this development include increased international uncertainty and the growth of the role of information technology through digitalisation. Information technology has become a significant business factor which increases the vulnerability of companies.

The aim of continuity planning is to prepare in advance for possible problem situations. The undisrupted continuity of the business is an ever more important prerequisite for success and, according to studies, all advance planning improves the ability of an organisation to recover from an unexpected event.

Our experts, who are specialised in business continuity management, help your organisation to:

  • evaluate the threats and risks to the business in the current operating environment and plan measures to reduce or avoid the risks
  • identify the processes that are critical from the point of view of business operations and the resources that support these (people, offices, third parties, technologies, suppliers)
  • develop a cost-effective operating plan for the management of interruptions and continuity
  • take official directives into account and comply with them
  • safeguard the company’s market position and value
  • develop the management and steering capability for threat and crisis situations.

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