SAP access risks are business threats

Get full visibility of your current SAP access risks with Insights Access Risks.

Analysing SAP access rights does not need to be difficult nor time consuming 

Insights Access Risks is a cloud-based solution that automatically provides you clarity in a matter of hours. Stop the ticking time bomb and get a full view of your current SAP access risks.  

With Insights Access Risks you get: 

  • Personalised and intuitive Insights Access Risks Dashboard 
  • Regular SAP access analyses throughout the year and the first analysis within 24 hours 
  • Clear visibility of your progress that is easily shareable to different stakeholders


Insights Access

Insights Access Risks is a cloud-based solution that does not require any installations to your SAP system. We help you to bring the SAP authorisation data to our platform and complete the analysis within hours. Our standard analysis package includes best practice tests for common business processes (such as order to cash, procure to pay, finance, HR) along with practical examples of actual risks and how to manage them.

We understand that analysing SAP authorisation data can be very time and money consuming. The Insights Access Risks has been developed to simplify the analysis process and provides a clear view to the current risk status as well as the progress. The user interface is easy and intuitive to navigate.

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Insights Access Risks helps you stay compliant with your organisation’s security policy, GDPR and other regulatory requirements that require limiting access rights to sensitive data. 

Stay compliant with Insights Access Risks 

Get all the required insights to help you track progress from different perspectives such as by business process, by user, or by transaction. Drill down to the specific authorisation level to understand where a user is getting their authorisation from. Our solution allows you to dynamically configure and filter the data by different rule sets, test types, and categories. 

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Simple pricing, tailored to your needs 

Insights Access Risks has been developed inhouse by PwC Finland with a team with solid knowledge on SAP authorisations and data extraction, efficient data analysis, robust automation platforms, and secure cloud services. Insights Access Risks relies on proven and tested technologies that we have combined together with the knowledge of the team to provide this superior solution. 

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