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PwC Insights - Access Risks

Get your SAP authorisations analysed in one hour.

The solution and its benefits

  • Secure cloud based service
  • Nothing to be installed on your SAP servers
  • Does not require costly, time consuming implementation project
  • Best practice rule set includes about 110 tests and 1500 transactions
  • Includes GDPR and privacy related tests


Tests and rules

Our solution includes best practice tests for common business processes (such as order to cash, procure to pay, finance, HR) along with practical examples of actual risks. These tests form rule sets that are used to analyse and display the results.

Rule sets can be customised by the end user to meet your requirements, e.g. adding tests, transaction codes, and authorisation objects (available in fall 2019).


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Results of the analysis

The results of the analysis will be shown on the PwC Insights portal where users can view the results from different viewpoints (such as by business process, by user, by transaction) and to drill down all the way to the actual authorisation data level to see where the user gets the authorisations from.

The analysis views can be dynamically configured and filtered with different rule sets, with test types and categories, and with filters (such as company code, sales organisation, plant).


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The solution helps you with compliance requirements such as your organisation’s security policy, GDPR and other regulatory requirements on limiting access to sensitive data and to limit the risks with segregation of duties.

Compliance with requirements and policies typically requires that the authorisations are analysed at least yearly and with PwC Insights - Access Risks you can easily meet these requirements from one off analyses to recurring analyses.


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Solution and the team

The PwC Insights - Access Risks has been developed inhouse by PwC Finland with a team with solid knowledge on SAP authorisations and data extraction, efficient data analysis, robust automation platforms, and secure cloud services. Our solution relies on proven and tested technologies that we have combined together with the knowledge of the team to provide this superior solution.


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PwC Insights - Access Risks helps you to solve the authorisation problems

PwC Insights - Access Risks helps organisations to get a comprehensive view on their SAP authorisations with minimum effort to enable organisations to take control of the risks.

Organisations often spend time and money on preventing external threats while leaving many internal security holes wide open to be misused intentionally or accidentally. With our solution you can limit the threats without spending unnecessary time and money on SAP authorisation problems.



Contact us

Sanna Oinonen

Sanna Oinonen

Risk Assurance Services, PwC Finland

Tel: +358 (0)20 787 8894

Jussi Virta

Jussi Virta

Lead Solution and Software Developer, PwC Finland

Tel: +358 (0)20 787 8191

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