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In an ever-changing world, employees are one of the key assets of your business. Diverse HR solutions play an even more important role in ensuring continuous employee development, an inclusive organisational culture and employee well-being, which are necessary to achieve sustainable business goals. 

Employees need to be constantly learning new things and thrive in the continuous process of change. Companies need to manage new expectations in terms of work environment, development and employee experience in order to continue to attract, retain and support the success of their employees. Companies that invest in a positive employee experience, employee engagement and sustainable solutions are also investing in their employer image and in gaining a competitive advantage. 

Our outsourced HR service supports you with specific, fast-response questions. This service is in place when your needs do not require the ongoing or regular employment of a full-time HR manager, since through us you will receive the same support immediately whenever you need it. 

As HR Process support specialists, we are happy to assist your HR specialists by sparring them. For example, we can help you develop new HR policies and practices or assess your current staff satisfaction and diversity situation.

At PwC, we can help your business at all stages of the employment relationship


Finding the right employee for your company can be difficult. It takes a lot of resources to integrate a new employee into the company, which is why it's a shame if a newly hired employee leaves for one reason or another. At PwC, you will receive personal coaching throughout the recruitment process to ensure you are best placed to find the right person for the job - the right roles, responsibilities, manager and team. We will help you identify and attract the right person for the actual recruitment process.


Once you've hired a new employee, the next important step is a successful onboarding. Onboarding is the process of ensuring that a new employee gets off to a good start in their role. A good onboarding significantly increases the chances of the employee remaining at your company a year later. Investing in a good onboarding process for new employees is therefore crucial in the battle for qualified staff. At PwC, we can help you develop and implement a good induction process that strengthens employee retention.

Employee engagement

Whether it's better management and communication, more effective career development or a better work-life balance, improving wellbeing in your organisation can reduce employee turnover. A company that can retain its employees is also likely to attract more staff, because most employees value a good place to work. PwC can help you to identify and analyse areas of action that can help increase wellbeing in your business and, in turn, your company's ability to attract and retain employees.

Termination of employment

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to say goodbye to an employee, we at PwC can help you prepare an employment certificate that meets all legal requirements. We can also help with exit interviews with employees leaving the company. The aim is to find out the right reasons for leaving, so that you can improve the culture and practices of your company even further. 

HR experts also offer advice and solutions on Diversity & Inclusion and employee wellbeing issues

Our HR services support companies with finding policies and practices that support inclusion in the workplace. Together, we can develop an equality plan and D&I solutions that work best for you. One of the competitive advantages of a company in the labour market is that every employee feels part of the community as an individual. This is a focus area for well-being at work that is becoming increasingly important. Developing well-being at work is not just a matter of annual well-being surveys, but requires much more from the employer. Increasing sickness absence is often a sign of a decline in well-being. Together, we can find solutions to your ongoing sickness absence and other well-being challenges that work for you. Our experts are also happy to advise you on preventive wellbeing plans and principles.

Inclusion and diversity are much more than just a talking point

As inclusion and diversity become increasingly important to stakeholders, your company's performance will be observed more than ever before, not only by the talent you attract and engage, but also by your customers and investors.

In these times, inclusion and diversity need to be discussed at board level. By developing a sustainable, knowledge-based inclusion and diversity strategy and embedding it into your risk management strategy and wider business management, your organisation can actively shape perceptions and gain a competitive advantage. Our HR experts will help you find sustainable solutions for your inclusion and diversity strategy.

A wide range of tools to support employee well-being

Employers have a responsibility to design the structure and amount of work so that it does not overburden employees. Sometimes, however, there may also be situations where changes and challenges in an employee's personal life can make it difficult for them to cope, no matter how well planned the workload is. Ongoing dialogue between the manager and the employee, building trust, clarifying objectives, and identifying staff motivation all contribute to well-being at a personal level and within the work community. Well-being policies and plans make it easier to address factors that undermine well-being at work. Our HR specialists can help you develop well-being at work, for example by using working condition and satisfaction surveys, updating personnel handbooks and policies, and tailoring HR solutions that are best suited for you.

We can also help you with cases related to employment law

We work in cooperation with our colleagues in the Employment Law Department, for example when our work involves interpreting labour law or collective agreements or preparation for change negotiations. You can read more about our employment law services here.

Read more about employment law

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  • We serve our clients concerning employer obligations, tax collection, social security, individual taxation and tax reporting. In addition to this we also offer payroll reporting services, reward consultation, HR consulting and labor law consulting for employers. Thus, you can get everything under one roof.
  • At PwC, our services are comprehensive and we assemble our team of experts from different areas of expertise, always according to our client's needs. Our extensive network consists of e.g. experts in taxation, company law, labor law, remuneration, valuation and financial reporting.
  • We are a trustworthy domestic operator with extensive expertise, and our international network allows us to serve you flexibly in Finland and in more than 150 countries.

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