Debt and Capital Advisory

Are your company’s financing agreements about to mature in the near future, or is there an opportunity for new investments which require financing? Is your company highly leveraged, or are you considering raising debt, for example to accelerate growth? It is possible to get a comprehensive picture of these issues by drawing up a financing strategy and optimising capital structure, whereby refinancing becomes more systematic and manageable.

Our Debt and Capital Advisory Services provide extensive support in creating funding strategies both for companies and when establishing new investment products, such as funds, as well as support related to different types of debt and capital assignments. We conduct, among other things, debt structure analysis, financing strategies, and tendering debt arrangements. Our services are always customised to meet the clients’ needs.

Our services include, among other things:

  • Creating financing strategies which include optimising capital structure, considering the whole range of financing opportunities from debt to equity
  • Modelling scenario analysis to support planning, decision making and risk management
  • Tendering debt arrangements and commercial advice during financing negotiations
  • Planning fund and investment product strategies and optimising return target both from the investors' and manager’s perspective
  • Preparing investor material into a visual and comprehensive package
  • Fund-raising support (contacting investors, roadshow planning, negotiation support)

We work in close cooperation with all PwC teams, and are happy to complement our services with e.g. tax and/or legal advice.

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Antti Palkén

Antti Palkén

Partner, Debt and Capital Advisory, PwC Finland

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