Capital markets

We help our clients in share issue and listing projects, in bond programs and in matters relating to investment prospectuses. We give advice concerning the comfort letters connected to share issue and bond programs.

Our services include:
  • Listing and other securities sales
  • IFRS and US GAAP conversion projects and their management
  • Comfort letters concerning the information in the prospectuses
  • Handling matters with the authorities, legal matters and the regulations of the stock exchange.
Why PwC?

We have aided our customers to list into the stock exchanges of Helsinki, Stockholm, London and New York, among others. We regularly follow the regulations concerning listed companies and the capital market and inform our customers about significant changes that have an effect on their business.


Capital markets advisory

Companies are looking for independent advice and a higher level of support as they approach the capital markets to raise equity.

Our Capital Markets Advisory team provides:

  • Independent and objective advice on critical capital market judgments you will have to make throughout the IPO process - Underwriter selection and structure, research analyst community, equity story, valuation comparables and investment thesis, investor targeting
  • An integrated approach to help prepare you for the IPO market, combining industry and sector experience with technical preparation and readiness
  • Equity capital markets experience across multiple sectors and verticals
  • Practical advice on the IPO process, facilitating the transaction to reduce risks
  • Insights on recent trends in the equity capital markets.


IPO Services

If you’re considering taking your company public, this monumental decision will truly transform the way you are currently doing business. While a public company faces greater public scrutiny and regulations, it also secures access to more, and often deeper, sources of capital. 

Our dedicated team of professionals specializing in IPOs can advise you as you think through the additional requirements and continuing obligations in advance, and can develop an appropriate plan to help ensure you’re able to own success at every turn.

PwC’s clear framework for going public and being public builds on your organisation’s strengths and looks beyond the complexity of the IPO itself to make certain that everyday execution moves in lockstep with the broader strategy.


Debt offerings

For organisations looking to jump start their next phase of growth, debt financing can be a good option. However, the windows of opportunity to access the markets open and close quickly, which is why it’s important to have the help of a trusted adviser who can move fast to help you capitalize on opportunities.

As secondary markets have continued to evolve, so have associated reporting requirements and navigating the process can be challenging. It takes careful coordination across all members of your working group and key players.

Our approach, capability and experience provides our clients with greater clarity and insight throughout their strategic decision making process and gives them the confidence to take action. The end result is helping our clients do the right deal at the right time and enabling a process that shortens the deal timeline and increases the possibility of success.


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Netta Mikkilä

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Sari Elonheimo

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