Digital Procurement Survey - Nordic Outlook

5th Edition

We are delighted to present the results of the fifth edition of our Digital Procurement Survey. This year, the barometer of digital transformation took on an increasingly international dimension, covering around 1,000 companies in close to 60 countries across five continents.

Given the challenges posed by the succession of economic, geopolitical and environmental crises, procurement is more strategic than ever. It plays a key role in ensuring supply chain resilience and achieving innovation, and therefore in ensuring that business can run smoothly. The digitalisation of the procurement function is a real asset in this transition.

Highlights of Nordic findings

80% of Nordic companies have not prioritised digital tools for CO2 emission monitoring

However, there is an increasing expectation that procurement should play an important role in the ESG agenda. In Nordics 90% of manufacturing companies see environmental risks as significant priority to act on.

1/3 of Nordic companies prioritise data analytics initiatives in their 2027 procurement roadmap

Currently 10% of the Nordic companies has a plan for using (Gen)AI more actively, but PwC foresees an increase in interest and activity.

Nordic companies invest in digital procurement transformation 50% less than peers world-wide

This trend has been in place already for many years. 

Highlights of global findings

96% of all global participants does have a S2P (Source-to-Pay) platform in place but the greater part is not happy with adoption levels and actual benefits realisation

50% of the companies plans to invest in improving or deploying a CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) tool in the next 3 years

S2P platform providers offer solid functionality but especially large organisations are looking for stronger functionality in automation and analytics.

With sustainability and resilience as strong drivers for change, the usage of supplier collaboration platforms finally start to grow

SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) solutions are key to streamline relationships with tier-1 suppliers while there are new use cases to improve visibility and collaboration throughout the Supply chain.

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