The list of subprocessors was last updated on 28th June 2021.

List of PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy’s subprocessors that might have a need to process personal data of clients

Subprocessor's name Company ID Address Purpose
All PwC network firms   global Providing PwC network wide common solutions. Additional information
Surveypal Oy 2106411-8 Tampere, Finland Providing survey services
M-Files 0686200-7 Tampere, Finland Providing information management services.
Analyste AB / Analyste Finland 1059216-9 Espoo, Suomi Providing services for surveys and digital signing.
Kira Systems   Toronto, Ontario Providing contract analytics tool.

Cloud service providers:

Subprocessor's name Address Purpose
Google Inc California, USA Providing PwC subscription for G Suite + related services. Additional information
Microsoft Corporation Redmond, USA Providing PwC subscription to MS Azure and O365 + related services. Additional information
Amazon Web Services LLC (AWS) Seattle, USA Providing PwC subscription for AWS + related services. Additional information

Finance and Accounting services

Name Company ID Address Purpose
Analyste Oy 2855557-7 Espoo, Finland Providing cloud based finance and accounting services.
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