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Comprehensive project management increases contract value

In corporate acquisitions it is more and more difficult to reach good results in the current situation where underpriced acquisition targets are a rare find. Turning a profit requires determined work, from the planning that precedes decision-making to development procedures after mergers.

Our assistance improves your chances of reaching the desired target in corporate transactions. We provide support in all stages of corporate transactions, together or separately. We always tailor our services to fit the special characteristics of each deal.

How can we help?

  • Sales of companies or parts of companies
  • Commercial and operative due diligence
  • Support in taking over the acquired company
  • Support in integrating the purchased company or function into your own business
  • Improving performance after the merger
  • Business development after the acquisition.

Why PwC?

We know different industries and sales, production, and supporting functions, as well as their significance in corporate acquisitions, inside out. We also know how to manage projects efficiently. Combined, these skills ensure that the goals of corporate transactions are reached.

We support you in the planning and execution phase of the deal from start to finish, or you may just select what you need from our range of services. In our work we use PwC’s international methods and tools, which helps us tailor each project to fit your needs and schedule.



PwC’s 2017 M&A Integration survey

Dealmakers today are more ambitious than ever before. They are using M&A not only to improve the bottom line but to stretch their business, adding new and often unfamiliar capabilities. As a result, survey respondents reported a rise in transformational deals. As companies pursue these deals, complexity rises and success increasingly depends on coordinated leadership over the integration process.

The report explores these challenges in detail, allowing you to see what dealmakers are getting right about integration and where they need to improve. Along with the results, we offer our insights to assist you in making decisions when choreographing your organization’s next big performance.


Download the M&A Integration survey report



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