Our services for startups

Running a growing company takes a lot of time and requires extreme focus on the right things. When you are leading a high-growth company, you need to concentrate on your customers, team, business plan and product development. In a fast-changing environment there are always other pressing matters that also need to be looked into, such as different legal documents, market-entry planning, audit services and tax issues.

When you work with PwC you know you always have a professional who you can turn to. We have dedicated teams and experts serving startups; so you know we are well attuned to the challenges you face, from the start-up phase through to establishing a successful market presence. With us you always have contacts to professionals around the globe and different market areas. 

From ideas to success

There are many ways we can help you in starting and expanding your business. Here are some of the things you might be interested in:

  • Legal advice on selecting an appropriate legal form for your company, preparing and reviewing legal documents and business contracts
  • Legal counsel services for a specific time; for a day, for a week, for a month or longer – depending on your needs
  • Identifying and approaching the right customers in new market areas (such as in the US)
  • Analyzing your long-term plans and market strategy, and reviewing your business plan from the point of view of potential investors
  • Preparing an optimal transaction structure taking into account all tax and legal risks
  • Getting the most out of your reporting and financial information for stakeholders, investors and partners.

We also hold workshops and training sessions that focus on a variety of business issues. 


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Markku Katajisto
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Pekka Pesonen
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Maria Parker

Maria Parker
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Juha Laitinen
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Ulla Haverinen
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Marko Korkiakoski
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