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When the security and privacy of your organisation are in order, your customers, stakeholders and staff will trust your organisation more and the continuity of operations is guaranteed. Read how to strengthen your business with our security and privacy services.

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Digital Trust Insights

Digital businesses that lead in safety, security, reliability, privacy and data ethics will be the titans of tomorrow.


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Digital Trust Insights

PwC’s inaugural Digital Trust Insights survey draws on data from 3,000 business leaders in 81 territories. We have uncovered 10 major opportunities for improvement around people, processes and technology and we have actionable advice to get you there. Digital trust is a journey—make certain you have the right people, the right tools, and the agility to reach the top.

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PwC's 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 

PwC’s 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey finds that 49% of global organisations say they’ve experienced economic crime in the past two years. But, what about the other 51%? Have they avoided falling victim – or do they simply not know about it?

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PwC's 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey: Pulling fraud out of the shadows

Didier Lavion looks at the key themes emerging from this year’s study of global fraud trends – and talks about what they mean for your business.


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Why PwC?

We don’t realise security just for the sake of security, but instead we want to increase the value of your company. We know that customer confidence is one of the most important assets of a company and it has to be earned every day, in every customer encounter.

We believe that by doing things in the right way and in a business-oriented manner we strengthen the brand of your company and the trust of the customers and increase the value of the business.

We help your company to assess, build and manage digital security, understand online and cyber threats and vulnerabilities, repel them and act effectively in the possible event of a violation of data security.

In our client assignments, we use our extensive know-how as a support, all the way from company management consulting to our global resources. We offer your organisation a comprehensive digital security service. We approach digital security from the point of view of the business and the attainment of objectives, in addition to strong technical know-how.


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