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Sales and client management

Sales is first and foremost about people and skills

Purchasing has become increasingly professional, which has set new requirements for sales. At the same time the utilisation of data systems and digital channels has raised expectations for sales and service transactions.

Although technology has developed and the amount and quality of client data has increased, companies have difficulties getting a good enough understanding of their clients. At the same time, the opportunities for targeting and monitoring sales have improved and made the development of sales management more challenging. Operating models, processes and technology have a significant effect on the sales efficiency of the entire organisation, however. Behind successful companies are often similar operating methods in sales.

We help you:
  • survey new markets and test new products, pricing and distribution options
  • understand your clients’ needs
  • develop efficient strategies for client segmenting and service as well as the preservation of clientships
  • develop sales channels and sales management processes
  • measure the profitability of different segments and markets and improve productivity. 
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Tuomas Kotilainen

Partner, Financial Services

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