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Developing finance

Do you want to improve profit-making and capital profit as well as management of financial performance and cost?

Do your processes and reporting related to financing operations need developing? Do you need help with outsourcing, improving the efficiency of capital use or planning investments?

Examples of solutions for our clients:
  • Diagnosing the current state of financial management
    We supported management in identifying their development needs and actions. The result was a clear understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of processes and their potential for development.
  • Calculation of costs for the profitable reorganisation of operations 
    We did a survey of a production plant’s process and product-specific costs. As a result of the project, the client gained a better understanding of the financial profitability of the products. The client has been able to change their structure and improve the efficiency of their operations.
  • Profit Capture
    We helped our client recognise income and cost leaks and to initiate actions for securing benefits. Income and cost leaks typically stem from development needs in the “order-delivery” or “acquisition to payment” processes and problems in the system and control environment. 
  • Financial risk survey
    We holistically surveyed financial risks for the board and management. 
  • Consulting for the development of the management system 
    Our task was the evaluation of the conditions of strategic management by analysing the strategy, reporting practices, meeting practices and data system support. Our recommendations led to a broad development of the management system.
  • Evaluation of the financial risks caused by the mass of expenses from raw materials
    We holistically surveyed the risks of capital tied to raw materials and evaluated the capability and protection ability of business risk management on the group level. 
  • Optimisation of funding
    We supported management in optimising the efficiency of funding and in achieving cost savings. Typically, various goals are also added to projects, such as improving the efficiency of reporting and work satisfaction. 
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