Global Compliance Services

Coordinating, controlling and reporting on your multi-territory tax compliance, including the preparation of statutory accounts, is often far from straightforward, especially given the increasingly tough nature of the fiscal and regulatory environment. We are familiar with the types of challenges you are likely to be facing, and offer a comprehensive solution to help you meet your objectives.

Corporate tax compliance

You need to be confident that all returns are properly prepared and submitted to the regulatory authorities on time. PwC’s global network of tax professionals offers you support and advice as necessary. Our local compliance teams are well versed in the latest tax law and practice. We deliver thoroughly managed tax compliance services which may encompass

  • fast, reliable and accurate preparation of tax returns
  • tax strategy and planning
  • preparation of estimated tax payments

Accounting services

Most large multinational companies will be either streamlining or centralising their finance function, expanding into new territories or coping with change following on from a merger, acquisition, disposal or similar corporate transaction, all of which are likely to result in a need for accounting support.

Our accounting services include

  • drafting and filing of local statutory financial statements
  • helping in preparing monthly reporting
  • where there is a temporary need for additional resource, we can provide access to skilled accounting resource on assignment to work within your finance function.