Business recovery services

A tough economic climate, rapid market changes, new competitors, disruptive technologies, strategic errors – any or all of these can plunge a company into serious financial distress. Left unaddressed, they may threaten corporate survival. Whether these factors occur in isolation or converge, they typically trigger a host of problems, including underperformance, declining earnings, and liquidity and cash-flow blockages. Companies often exhibit symptoms of distress well before a crisis erupts. In many cases, a downward spiral is not inevitable. It can be arrested and reversed. Early detection and swift, decisive action are the keys to restoring performance and value. That's why timely, professional advice is critical.

If this is your situation

  • You are affected by downturn in the market or shifting consumer preferences.
  • You are facing an actual or potential breach of covenant.
  • You are burdened by excessive debt or poor liquidity.
  • You are facing a credit rating downgrade.
  • Your debt is trading at "distressed" levels.
  • Your corporate structure is no longer aligned with your business objectives.
  • You have units or subsidiaries operating inconsistently with Group strategy or are looking to divest/sell-off some non-core operations.
  • As a business or financial stakeholder, you have concerns about the business and wish to appoint independent reporting accountants to review the situation and provide available options.
  • As a stakeholder in a distressed business, you need to manage your exposure, both legal and financial.
  • As an individual in financial difficulty, you find yourself facing bankruptcy and want some professional advice and help.

How we can help you

PwC is one of the world's largest provider of business recovery and insolvency services. Active in 144 countries, our global network of over 2 000 highly skilled professionals can rapidly deploy cross-border services to stakeholders in troubled and seriously underperforming businesses. The firm's business recovery professionals are valued by clients for their ability to quickly identify problems, gain cooperation, develop viable solutions, and implement them with sensitivity and precision. Our experienced teams offer a full range of advisory and implementation services, from turnaround and restructuring plans to optimised exit strategies.

The services we provide include: